Tuesday Tip - Brewing Up With Mr. Coffee® Café Latte Review

With the holidays in full swing, it's time to add another weapon to your arsenal.  Actually, it is perfect year round but you'll really want one now.  Especially if you a. love your coffee and b. spending $3-$4 on one at your favorite coffee spot hurts your soul.

My husband is the morning-coffee drinker at our house and being that he leaves butt-crack early for work, it's a necessity.  But we have a sad, little (and I kid you not, sheer coincidence) Mr. Coffee® 4-cup coffee maker.  When friends come to visit, they bring their fancy-schmancy coffee and espresso machines because they know better.   So, when I was offered the chance to try the new Mr. Coffee® Café Latte, I jumped.
Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte pack

That's right...this showed up on my porch.  Look at all the goodies, a t-shirt, Torani syrups, even a mustache (giggle) mug. Seriously, I'm such a hoarder I want to keep the backdrop...it's printed foam core! OK Dawn, what would you do with it? I don't know...
Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte creme caramel latte

Look what I had for breakfast today, a Crème Caramel latte with a sprinkling of cinnamon! And I didn't have to leave the house, because I had a few of Trader Joe's mini carrot cakes lying around...seriously, I need to go to a support group for them, I love them so.

Luckily for me, I had everything I needed: coffee, milk, vanilla syrup and caramel syrup.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte fresh coffee

You add the coffee to the brew basket and cold water to the reservoir just like a standard maker.

Then you add the milk, caramel and syrup to the pitcher and flip the switch, and that's it! There it goes, whipping up the milk...ohh....

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte 2

...and the coffee drips in...ahhh!  The coffee brews while heating and frothing the milk!

Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte fresh pot of latte

And there it is...a fresh pot of latte, foam and all, with the press of a button.

How easy was that? And with the plethora of recipes, there will be no shortage of beverages to make, from coffee lattes and tea based lattes to hot chocolate recipes (the s'mores would make a perfect after-school drink!) you can't go wrong.  Mix it up with a little liquor for a fabulous after-dinner drink.  You'll be set this holiday season or be the envy of your next book club or coffee date.

What? You said you need to get one? I can help you with that...Mr. Coffee® is offering my readers a special offer, $10 off and free shipping on a Café Latte purchase! Just enter the promo code MLAT10A.

Or if you are the gambling type, to enter to win your own  Café Latte or a $500 prize...check out their Pinterest contest going on now through December 3.

Disclaimer - I received the Mr. Coffee® Café Latte and compensation for review but the opinions are my own. I only recommend companies or services I believe my readers would find useful and enjoy.

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