Christmas Cookie Favor Tree

I've received a few emails about my cookie favor tree from the Sugar And Spice baby shower, so I figured, the rest of you may have the same burning questions. The number one question is where did I find my branch.  It's not a regular go-out-in-your-backyard's a manzanita branch.

I've been coveting them for awhile but could not find them locally.  Many of the online shops I looked at said it would be an approximation and every branch is different; since I wanted it to be very specific, I nearly gave up.  Then the heavens opened and the answer was found at Display And Costume...if you live in the Seattle area.  Check out your local costume and prop stores, but alas your big box stores most likely won't have them.  The closest will be willow branches and if you want the 'arms' to hang stuff, those won't work.

For those of you who live in warmer climates like Cali and New Mexico, I hear they are a dime a dozen since they are naturally occurring in these areas and can be found in larger home and garden stores.

If you are lucky to get your hands on one, they make amazing centerpiece ideas; the wood is smooth, durable and easily painted.  But I'm not ready to do that to mine, I love the natural look with all the branch's color variations.    I (and when I say I, I mean my friend's husband who did all the work...Dawn and power tools don't mix) mounted it to a wooden block for height,  and set it inside a glass block that I can easily change out the ribbon.

Wouldn't this be fun idea for your Christmas dessert table? Perhaps on a foyer table, welcoming your guests, next to a tray of shot glasses of milk?  How about a batch of sugar shaped cookies ready to be plucked off for decorating? If you have a larger gathering, can you see a row of these going down your table with one type of cookie on each tree?  And let's be honest, this works year round because who doesn't want a cookie tree at their party?

Purchase or make cookies with a hole and just tie on ribbon or twine and hang.  If not, you can always bag your cookie and hang the bag from the branch. These cookies are my favorite Trader Joe's Chocolate Drizzle Star cookies...remember I discovered them last year? I'm also going to use them for the little one's classroom Christmas gifts since we can't bring in homemade treats, so stay tuned for a future post on what cleverness I come up with.

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