Tuesday Tutorial - Hand Painted Christmas Glasses

hand painted Christmas glasses
Are you looking for a fun and affordable Christmas craft?  I'm going to help you cross a few gifts off your list by creating a set of hand painted glasses. Savvy Sugar posted a tute on creating your own colorful hand-dotted tumblers, and I thought to myself, 'Self, wouldn't those look pretty in Christmas colors?' and self said yes! So that's what I did...

hand painted Christmas glasses 2

They used tumblers but of course, I do have a few wino friends so I had to make a wine glass. I also thought making a mug that would be perfect to package up with hot cocoa or tea. The original tute used Q-Tips but I have a tiny dauber that worked just as well.

First layer of white, then the red layer...easy peasy!

hand painted Christmas glasses

Make sure and follow your paint's instructions for curing; be warned, certain brands like Martha Stewart's say they need to cure for 21 days and has no oven-bake instructions.

Voila!  I'm making a few more mugs and packaging them with Make And Take's hot chocolate blocks (which are sooooooo good!) for teacher gifts.  The wine glass would be perfect paired with a nice bottle of wine or a gift card to her favorite wine spot like BevMo or Total Wine.

I know, you're welcome!

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