Fiesta Friday - Super Bowl 2013 Party Ideas

Super Bow 2013 party ideas

The Super Bowl is coming up and although we don't host a party, many of you are itchin' for ways to class up da joint.  I've got a great round up today...I know it's great because now I want to host a party.

The Hostess Blog always has something clever for Game Day and this spread comes with free printables.

I love Karin Lidbeck-Brent's table top's clean look using kraft paper, white electrical tape and stickers.

Serve chocolate covered strawberry footballs; check out the how-to from Domestic Fits.

This football centerpiece from blumebox is a must. Just cover your box with leather patterned paper.

Lovin' this tailgating club sandwich bar from Pizzazzerie on ForRent.

I love this tailgating party from Amy's Party Ideas; color coordination is key when rooting for your favorite team and she did it down to the fruit tray.

Check out last year's post for more inspiration!

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