Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Colorful And Glittery New Year's Eve Party

It's the first Fiesta Friday of the year! What better way than to share how we brought in 2013 with a bang with great friends and me in crazy-crafting mode! It all started with the color had to be colorful and glittery...wait for it, a Colorful And Glittery New Year's Eve! Take a peek back at my inspiration board...and once I received the tassel garland from The Flair Exchange, my party plans went into a different, even more awesome direction.

Be ye warned...there are a lot of photos...but totally worth it!

colorful and glittery new year's eve party celebration bar

I had to have a celebration bar with all kinds of goodies to get everyone ready for the countdown!  My new chalkboard made its debut...and how did I do the writing? Check out Indie Craft Parade's easy how-to...

Dollar Tree was seriously my friend in this arena...I found the fedora and glittery hats, maracas, party hats, tiaras and blowers there. But that's not how they started off...

colorful and glittery new year's eve party blowers

colorful and glittery new year's eve party hats

I covered some of the party blowers and hats in scrap paper and garnished them all with black festooning.  And I didn't leave the tiaras out...I raided my craft closet for stickers, sequins and feathers to make them fabulous.
colorful and glittery new year's eve party confetti bags

For throwing at midnight, I filled glassine bags with confetti and sealed with black stickers I stamped with a cool popping cork stamp from Paper Source.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party jingle sticks

The jingle sticks were the most fun and easiest to make; I wrapped 12" dowels with washi tape and hot-glued 1" bells and ribbons on.  A very pleasant sound in contrast to blowers.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party dessert table

The dessert table...didn't I promise you I would have my manzanita branch at every party? This time, it became a countdown tree with number cookies on the branches.  

Do you like the ribbon garland? I made it myself...I haven't done one since the Tae Kwon Do party and wish I could make them for every party. But, they are a bit time consuming.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party clock cookies

The food cards are just stamped on black paper...I've found this huge clock stamp at Paper Source and it threw any other printables I was going to use out the window. 

I didn't get a good shot of the cupcakes but they are covered in edible spray paint and disco dust and looked so pretty and sparkly!

colorful and glittery new year's eve party ring pops

colorful and glittery new year's eve party fortune cookies

Of course we had to have dipped fortune cookies.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party candy clock favors

 The clock favors were a huge hit!  Check back on the how-to to make your own!

colorful and glittery new year's eve party main table

The main table was where I focused all the glam...I can't believe how much stuff I already had! The only things new I purchased weres the clocks from a thrift store and the glitter tape on the vases.  I was going to Modge Podge on glitter...but then I found the tape, which worked better because it just peeled off.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party glitter candles

I repurposed the gold animals from the Run Away With The Circus shoot, and my thought was to use the animals from the lunar calendar.  Sadly, I couldn't find most of them, but hey...with some pink paint, they fit right in.

Another fun project;  I Modge Podged and glittered battery-operated tealights (again, Dollar Tree!)...and let's face it, if it didn't move, I glittered or painted it.

colorful and glittery new year's eve party gold table

When it was time for dinner, I swapped out the hors d'oeuvres for hubby's request, pulled pork sandwiches and mac & cheese.  We had children present, so that is never the time to try out a fancy new recipe!

colorful and glittery new year's eve party drink bar

The bar area...and FYI on using rock candy swizzle sticks...awesome idea for your sweeter bubblies like a Moscato Rosé, which I love and had to have. It made it syrupy and fabulous.  For drier beverages, not as much.  It took longer to dissolve, but it was just as fun! Here it is with the lights on...

...and off.
colorful and glittery new year's eve party confetti explosion

The first picture is right before the countdown and here's the aftermath...I'm still cleaning up the confetti, but totally worth it!

Whew, that's a lot of photos! A big thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and to my fabulous vendors with whom I am learning that I can't do it all myself and will gladly do it for me!

clock and number cookies - Amy's Cakery
black festooning on party hats/blowers, black stickers on confetti bags - Inkkit
tassel garland over the celebration bar - The Flair Exchange

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  1. So fun! Love all of your special details!

  2. Looks like great fun for all, kids and adults. Enjoy the New Year!

  3. You sure know how to throw a party. Loving all the glitter and all the inspiration you shared in 2012. Looking forward to more!

  4. I love those party favors! Great idea! (Pinned!)


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