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girls' weekend spa party goody bar

A few months ago, the stars aligned and I was able to escape with friends for a relaxing girls' weekend.  My two cents...a spa party with a side of Magic Mike.  My friends always appreciate a night of pampering, and one day I'm hoping to just hire the party in...but until then, I am more than happy to oblige.

girls' weekend spa party One Charming Party printables
A spa party is the perfect way to take care of winter skin...because we aren't showing as much of it, we don't really take care of it as well as we should.  Today, I'll share a few tips to putting together your own spa night.  Start it off with free spa printables from One Charming Party.

Break out those cake platters and jars you've been using for your dessert parties...who says you can't use them for non-food items?

Have I mentioned my love of Target's Dollar Spot gift wrap rolls? Who says they are just for wrapping gifts? They come in so many amazing colors and are perfect for covering up table and counter tops, creating backdrops and  lining serving vessels. I use them all the time.

girls' weekend spa party Think Garnish baskets

Bundled up all the necessities like scrub gloves, facial mask and toe separators in a fun container; I unclenched my fingers and parted with a few of my Think Garnish pint berry baskets.

I jumped for joy when I found the scrub gloves and manicure packs at Michael's.  Pick up mini bottles of nail polish in fun colors  from a beauty supply store and let guests take them home at the end of the night.

girls' weekend spa party foot soaks

My favorite foot soak from Bath And Body Works looks so pretty in clear tubes.  Save money by purchasing items in bulk and dividing them into smaller containers.

girls' weekend spa party One Charming Party salt scrub

Also from One Charming Party, the ladies made a fabulous salt scrub.   Hard working hands need pampering too!

girls' weekend spa party homemade bath fizzies

I took the plunge to make my own spearmint bath fizzies. I'm not going to was a fiasco. A certain someone whose name rhymes with Hartha Hewart neglected to mention a few things.  That's a whole 'nother fact, it will be an upcoming Tuesday Tutorial.  We'll just say these are the chosen few that made it topped off with a free printable from On To Baby.

Nothing says a fabulous night in like a foot soak, a glass of wine and a shirtless Channing Tatum!

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