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In the midst of winter’s chill, Valentine’s Day brings out the warm n’ fuzzy love bug in all of us. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or the friend who loves to make everyone in her circle feel special, February 14th comes with the insatiable urge to pass out Valentine’s Day Cards cards to those you care about.

Cardstore Valentine's Day cards

Cardstore brings to you the tips and tricks to make sending Valentine’s Day cards both meaningful and simple this year. Maybe it’s a wistful throwback to being a kid again: Remember how you would painstakingly design handmade Valentines or carefully write out the names of friends and classmates on store-bought Valentine’s cards? Or the excitement of creating an elaborate “mailbox” to hold each of these red-pink-and-white treasures. And the candy...let’s not forget the candy!

This year, make life a bit simpler for yourself in the 2013 Cardstore Valentine’s Day collection . These Valentine’s cards are the perfect blend of pre-made designs with plenty of allowance for thoughtful, cute, and fun personal touches! Personalize  pre-made and semi-pre-made designs with the recipient’s name along with a personal message of your own creation.

Cardstore Valentine's Day cards for hubbyCardstore romance-novel-valentine-card

You can also add your own photos into Cardstore’s designs, too! With nearly 500 Valentine’s Day cards to choose from, there are plenty of options to find just the right card to give to the husband, kids, and even a few friends, too.  Make it as personal as possible – choose from cards expressing every sentiment from romantic and flirty to a message perfect for a better half who appreciates a bit of humor!


Even better, Cardstore eliminates the need to print the cards yourself and toss them in the mailbox before February 14th. Simply pick out the card online and Cardstore will send it for you. Cardstore offers a great mix of funny Valentine’s cards. You’ll be able to find several age-appropriate cards that would be perfect for kids and teens including sentiments like, “Ew! Valentine’s Day and girls are yucky!”


Cardstore also has gift packages featuring Boofle, a cuddly, floppy dog featured on several cards with the option to include a cute stuffed animal along with the card:

Instead of hoping that the good cards weren't picked over or settling for a card that doesn't express the right emotions, Cardstore can help you choose and personalize the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for everyone on the list.

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Thanks Cardstore for helping make Valentine's Day easy and fabulous! Isn't Boofle too cute??

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