Tuesday Tip - Peg Dolls

A few months ago, I won a giveaway that included these adorable peg owls from Jenny Dixon of  Craft That Party and Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line. I've been waiting for a reason to use them and when I saw birch paper straws from Garnish, I knew what must be done.

Add on a sprinkle trim and rad cake toppers, and a plain cake is elevated to fabulous status.

You likey?  The 'trees' were inspired genius...I just trimmed straw pieces at an angle (woo-hoo for the guides on my cutting mat) and carefully hot glued them on. That's it! Although I did a thorough Pinterest and Google search because there is no way someone else hasn't thought of this.  Man, my crafting paranoia skyrockets sometimes, thinking it's been done before and then I ripped them off.  I'm a sensitive soul like that.

But back to the peg owls...I've been a BIG fan of Jenny's for awhile...I've blogged about her parties on several occasions and you know her Click. Ship. Party. is the awesomest party theme you've ever seen. Even Tori Spelling thinks she's boss.

But I digress again...so how cute are her Valentine ones? I don't think you have enough time to order one...maybe?

So of course, I had to keep running with the peg trend. A few years ago, I purchased unfinished ones from Gemmie Lou for our Happy School Year Party for our guests to decorate with Sharpies.  Fancy, painted  ones are all the rage now so today I'm sharing some of my favorites.

My all-time favorite from my all-time favorite party book from Hello! Lucky, adorable bride and groom  toppers.

Geek alert... in full galactic glory from Simple Simon & Co....

Knottingwood is full of Kokeshi Dolls like Star Trek...double geek alert!

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