Tuesday Tip - Spas For Kids And Teens/Homemade Bath Fizzies

Today is an all-spa Tuesday Tip! I bet you thought Spa Day was only for mommies trying to escape from their hectic lives.  Check out my post for SpaWeek for a few fabulous places for kids and teens to relax and get a break from you.  Did you know teens can get massages and facials?

And speaking of breaks, I shared our spa night party on  Fiesta Friday,  and one of the goodies I sent my girls home with was a bag of Martha Stewart's homemade bath fizzies.  I've been threatening to make them for awhile for Christmas gifts since I already had the mold that I used to make homemade soap from a previous spa party.    The ingredients would be easy to find and didn't seem that hard to follow.  So it should have been a cinch.  Pride goeth before a fall;  I'm not ashamed to say that I had a craft fail so you may learn from my mistakes, grasshopper.

Aren't they perfectly smooth and square? Sending each lady home with there own batch would be awesome! As usual, when it comes to Martha (love you Martha, BTW), things are not always what they seemed.  Organic cane sugar was hella expensive, so I went with her Epsom salt version and did everything else the same.  I already had an lemon essential oil so I figured I could make a set in yellow and get a spearmint essential oil and make those green.  So far, so good.

I watched the video. I read through the directions twice, cleared my counter and set up the ingredients and went with the lemon first.  I even passed everything through the sieve...which didn't make any sense since the Epson salt crystals are huge compared to all the other powders.  But I do as I'm told.  I spritzed the mixture lightly per instructions and felt it.  Hmm...doesn't feel wet at all...so I spritzed some more.  Feels good, so I added the oil and coloring, per instruction and packed into the tray and per instructions to leave out overnight to dry.  It was daytime so I just went to do laundry or vacuum or something.

I returned later to this...it had bubbled over the top and what you see is me trying to salvage them by trimming off the tops.  Yeah, I wasn't happy, essential oil isn't cheap and I had just used up my remaining batch of the lemon.  OK, they'll just them in spearmint.

I read through the comments and found out this is what they called 'blooming'...too much liquid. FYI, it will never feel damp.  Even though the directions say 'it should become damp but not fizzy' The moment it is packable, stop adding water. Which means spritz once, then start kneading the mixture.  It will turn from grainy to packable soon.  And how are they feeling how damp it is if they are wearing gloves in the video?

I know this because after I stopped cursing, I made another batch with the peppermint essential oil.  I am persistent and determined to a fault.  This time, the batch worked.  Allegedly. I left them in the tray because I would be transporting them and didn't want them breaking.  When I was ready to set everything up and bag them, I knew it wouldn't take long because in the video, Martha said they just popped right out.  She even banged on them and they fell out without breaking.

Yeah, not so much for me.  I had to twist, wiggle, pound and threaten them out.  I couldn't pull them out, they crumbled when I had a little grip on them. As you can see, I have 8 in the picture and the tray makes 15.  4 never came out and 3 fell apart trying to get out.  That's right, they were too dry.

But the ladies loved them and that's all that matters. The moral of today's long winded rant? For the time, money and effort running around to specialty stores for the ingredients, it would have been cheaper to purchased fizzies. Second moral of the story...sometimes homemade isn't better.

Sorry, Martha.

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