Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: 3D Candy Hearts + Pancakes

Lekue Silicone 3-D Hearts Chocolate Mold
All this week is getting you ready for Valentine's week with cocktails, a giveaway, dessert and today I'm sharing a few clever ways to say I love you!

While perusing the Fancy Flours catalog, I spied the Lekue silicone 3D hearts chocolate mold and it was a bit of a splurge for $24. But I've been really good and I really wanted it and since I'll never be making 3D cookie versions, it's a consolation prize.

I ordered last Thursday and it was here by Saturday, but Montana is 'close' to me, but I'm sure if you order soon, it would get you in plenty of time for Valentine's Day....because...

Lekue Silicone 3D Hearts Chocolate Valentine treat box

...your special Valentine needs something that you can't just find at the grocery store. Make them a special 3D candy heart with your favorite candy melts!  The mold makes 3 sizes; this is the large heart in a 4" acetate box from Garnish and the smallest size would make perfect cake toppers.  The two halves just slide together, easy peasy.

You can mix and match colors and flavors, break out your edible markers and write on them, you can turn them into centerpieces on a cake stand...I can go on all day!  You can make them out of hard candy too, how pretty would they look translucent?  I haven't 'graduated' to hard candy yet...it requires a candy thermometer and once I have to do things like that (read: homemade marshmallows) I lose interest fast.

Valentine's Day mini pancakes with heart skewer

If you aren't ready for the candy plunge, check out my super easy way to deck out a stack of mini pancakes for a romantic breakfast or just a cute way of saying I love you to the  little ones.  Take a skewer and add on a mini marshmallow and a gummi heart.  Make a few stacks on a doily covered cake stand, and wait for the ohhs and ahhs.  I know...the most clever ideas are often the most simplest, grasshopper.

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