Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Mini Chocolate Heaven Treats With Lucky Leaf

Mini Chocolate Heaven Valentine's Day Treats Lucky Leaf

It's Day 2 of Won't You Be My Valentine? Week! Did you see Day 1's Valentine cocktail? I was bopping around one day and came across Musselman's Chocolate Creme Pie Filling. Of course, I grabbed one and have been sitting on it, waiting for the chance to use it.

Since Musselman's are under the Knouse Foods umbrella that includes Lucky Leaf, I figured I could do a little swaperoo with their recipes for Valentine's Day. Sweet desserts don't come any easier than these treats I whipped up with the filling and a few tweaks of Lucky Leaf's no-bake Chocolate Heaven Pie recipe.

You first notice that it's no longer a pie.  That is correct. I did a few changes...

1. Instead of using a pie crust, I lined the bottom of my bowls with a simple crust of crushed chocolate cookies mixed with a little melted butter.

2.  I maintained the recipe's white filling but tinted it pink and piped it onto the crust.  I dolloped on the pie filling and whipped cream per recipe instructions with the addition of a few candy heart sprinkles.

Voila! Easy as pie!

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