Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Non-Candy Valentines

Wow, has Won't You Be My Valentine? Week flown or what? All week I've been sharing Valentine goodies;  cocktails, a giveaway, dessert, special Valentine treats and it's about valentines.

non candy Valentines hair clips

I try not to do candy valentines (don't they get enough sugar at the classroom party?) , last year's bugs and hair clips were a big hit.  This year, the little one will be making these from Blonde Invitations & Stationary and replacing the candy with a fun eraser.
Here are some of my very favorite non-candy Valentines...short on sugar but high on creativity and free printables.

non candy Valentines whoopie cushions Paging Supermoms

Don't tell me you don't want to do Paging Supermom's whoopie cushions...

non candy Valentines popcorn Bird's Party

I said non-candy, not non-food...popcorn is a great way to go with Bird's Party.

non candy Valentines rocket push pops Confetti Sunshine

I know I said non-candy, but I couldn't resist sharing Confetti Sunshine's push pop rocket...you can put other stuff in there besides candy.

non candy Valentines yarn cards

These yarn cards from Parents would be perfect for teachers or grandparents.

non candy Valentines space ball

Another great idea from Parents that is out of this world.

non candy Valentines DIY tea bags

Who said the kids can have all the fun? Make a few of A Subtle Revelry's Tea-riffic tea bags for the office folk.

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