Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Love Stings Inspiration Baord

Man, Valentine's Day is creeping up fast so I'm going to sneak in one more party inspiration board...

I'm lovin' Tiny Prints' Love Stings anti-Valentine's Day party invite and it  inspired today's post!  Not everyone is into the overpriced roses and straight-to-your-thighs sweets, myself included.  I believe it's a conspiracy theory concocted by the greeting card, stuffed animals and heart box candy people to make you feel like this is the only day to make your significant other feel special and if you don't have a Valentine you are a total loser and no one will ever love you.

Love Stings inspiration board

Sorry...I drifted into a time when I was single and hated every big eyed bear holding a 'I Wuv You' heart. I still detest Valentine's Day even though I've been married 13 years... Back in the day I got my gal pals together and we would hit the town, all Sex And The City empowered.

This year, how about a bee-themed Love Stings partay with all your single ladies (and guys) uh-oh-oh... and with a color palette of black, yellow and red you can't go wrong.

In my mind, I totally see this table from A Beautiful Mess with red and yellow accents like red chevron straws and tissue tassels.

What to serve on your table? How about  this  very clever 'Shot Through The Heart' meatball skewers recipe from She Knows and voodoo doll cookies (representing your ex, of course!) from Sprinkle Bakes for Etsy.  Add these cheesecake shots from Bloom Designs Online featured on The Hostess Blog.  I love their sentiments because they are the perfect way to remind everyone you don't have to be in love to be amazing.

Check out my All My Single Ladies... post for great games to play like Hosting An Ex-orcism.

Do you know what you need to send everyone home with a copy of? Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same...a few very wise chicks...

Check out last year's Love Stinks for an inspired playlist and more links to anti-Valentine's Day ideas. sentiments.

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