Tuesday Tutorial - Heart Argyle Valentine's Wreath Hack

I love when my crafty friends turn into MacGyver and find clever ways to recreate things.  Apparently, 'hacking' is like the 'it' thing in the crafting world, making a cheaper version of something expensive.  So I guess, this is my first 'hack'...and not mine, because I didn't even make it.  And not really that expensive...OK, I'll stop rambling and tell the story...

I pinned this fabulous yarn and felt wreath from Mine For The Making, which is ironic because she was inspired by another pin.

My friend C loved it and decided to make one herself but the wreath form was a little expensive.

So instead she decided to make one out of plumbing foam and duct tape. She says the cost for the foam was about $1 for 6 ft piece and takes about 4 to 5 feet to create a circle.

Clever right? Sorry for the grainy photos...camera phone photos lifted from Facebook aren't the best, but you get the gist. You can do the same with a pool noodle à la Fox Hollow Cottage...clever indeed.

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