Easy Easter Cake Decorating + Exciting News

Easter cake decorating jumbo bunny Peep

Can you believe Easter will be here in less than a week?  If you are looking for a sweet way to end your Easter dinner, I've got an easy and fun Easter cake decorating idea....turn a chocolate cake into a little garden for a marshmallow bunny!

Easter cake decorating jumbo bunny Peep 2

I've never seen large Peeps bunnies before and of course once I did, I had to do something with them. I've only come across them in pharmacy stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid.

One bunny works perfectly on a 6 inch cake, but you can cluster several of them on a larger cake.  Stick a few toothpicks into the bottom of the bunny and skewer it to the top of the cake. Add a few blades of edible grass and voila!

Easter cake decorating jumbo bunny Peep 3

Can I let you in on a little secret? You all know I can't bake, but I couldn't find a small, tall cake to fit my pedestal.  So, I purchased a Bundt cake and filled the 'hole' with jumbo marshmallows and covered that with chocolate frosting. Once the grass and bunny is added, you hardly notice the difference.  Pretty sneaky, sis!

And what is my exciting news? I was contacted last week by one of the producers at our Seattle FOX affiliate Q13 News to do a live segment for Easter on Friday! I'm going to be on TV!

I'll be sharing 4 Easter crafts and doing a demo of one of them, and I'm so excited. Of course, I'll be sharing the airing details for my local peeps and the link once it's available. Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks and behind the scene shots.

And hint, hint...I will also be using these large bunnies for one of my segment crafts, so get yourself a few boxes and stay tuned!

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