Fiesta Friday - My Q13 FOX Easter Crafts Segment

Q13 FOX Easter craft ideas segment

OK, so what says Fiesta Friday more than me being on TV! With Easter on Sunday, I was invited to share a few easy and fun Easter crafts on Q13 FOX News. I know...let's pause and absorb that for a moment....

So anyways, these ideas are perfect if you are looking for ways to entertain kids at your Easter get-together.  You may already have most everything knocking around your craft stash or head out to your favorite craft store today or tomorrow and whip these up.  I'm serious...they are that easy.  I'm sharing 4 ideas; Easter magnets, no-dye Easter egg decorating, a place setting and a fun Easter treat.

Q13 FOX Easter craft ideas segment table

Setting up for a 5 minute segment is pretty crazy and with other segments behind and in front of me, it was in and out. I had just enough time to snap this shot of the setup.  As soon as the cameras were off, I was moving my stuff out of the way for the next act.  But it was so cool and everyone was so nice and helpful, and I felt like a serious rock star!

I was torn on which table cover to use and my Instagram peeps really liked this one.  I'm so glad that the other choice ended up being dirty and I couldn't use it anyways.

Q13 FOX Easter craft ideas segment outdoor shot

Because of the time crunch, I barely had time to snap a lot of photos to Instagram behind the scenes, but here are a few... in case you...don't follow me on Instagram...which you really should.

The boy came with me and was the best helper ever.  But he was a little awestruck with all the cameras and anchors backstage...and so was I.  Not a bad reason to miss a little school...

I would embed the video link but then it will probably act up, so I'll just direct you there with the link.

Thank you everyone at Q13 who made us feel so welcome and at ease.  Everyone said I didn't look nervous, but the sweat soaking my body under that sweater says differently.

And a big thank you to all my local peeps who watched and shared with their friends and sent me awesome texts and posts.  I promise, I won't change.

OK, I'm done rambling, go check it out!

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