Fiesta Friday (On A Tuesday) - Wreck It Ralph Movie Watching Party (Part I) + Birthday Express Review

Disclaimer – I was provided the Deluxe Party In A Box from Birthday Express for review and no compensation was given, real or implied.

When I was contacted to try out one of Birthday Expressparty packs, I was more than game.  I've never ordered a Party In A Box before and it was quite fun looking through  their extensive list of party themes.

All you have to do is point and click.  If you are having more than 8 guests showing up or want party favors, it's easy to add on.  When I came across the Wreck It Ralph pack, of course,  my love for the movie led to that choice.  I put my order in, and within a few days, a big box was waiting for me on the porch.

Since I couldn't talk the little one into making it a birthday party theme, I did the next best thing...oh yes,  a movie watching party was in order with the DVD release on the horizon.

And that is exactly what today is...Wreck It Ralph is in stores, now!  Our party is Friday and we can't wait to see it again. I'm sharing part one of our movie party...the table.  It won't stay this way for the actual event because we have a few fun activities up our sleeves...lots of sweets are involved.

But I should probably get back to the business at hand...what did I get in my Deluxe Party Pack For 8? A plethora of items come in every theme's box...Wreck It Ralph has dinner plates; lunch napkins, paper cups, forks and spoons, a foil balloon, paper tablecover, red star confetti, 18 latex balloons, curling ribbon, red placemats, candles, and crepe paper.

Today I'll show you how easy it is to put together a fun party table with just about everything in the box.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party invite

As always, I have to set the tone with the invite.  I created a fun invite with On To Baby's free printable and some of the red star confetti.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party table balloons

Since helium around these parts is more precious than gold...or oil, inflating all the balloons was not happening.  But who says you still can't have them?  With crepe paper and curling ribbon, you've got yourself a little fun happening over the table.  And if you are like me, and like to leave party stuff hanging for as long as possible, these balloons aren't deflating any time soon.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party table 2

I still had brick paper left over from our Mario Party and it was perfect for recreating the plate scene of Wreck It Ralph busting through a brick wall.  My hoarding pays off once in awhile...

Yes, the tablecloth that comes in the pack works just as well.  I would use some of the crepe paper to dress it up a bit, weaving it across the top like I did at our Welcome Home Party.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party 3

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party licorice napkin ring

Since a chunk of the movie happens in a Candy Land type of setup, I had to do a few shout-outs. I planned on using candy necklaces as napkin rings...but then I found licorice rope and decided they would be more fun to tie on instead and do double duty as placecards.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party placemats

Do you know the best part about placemats besides keeping the table clean? Those that are a party activity, just flip them over and throw in a few crayons. The kids will get a kick out of them, and they are the perfect way to keep busy while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party paper straws

I found a great promotional poster photo and turned it into 2 inch stickers for our straws.  I love using Avery's them into Word and you can turn any image into whatever size sticker you want.  I actually have the sticker sheets but you can print them out on full sticker sheets and use a punch, or just print on regular paper and use adhesive.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party cookie medal

How adorable did the cookies turn out? If you haven't seen the movie, Vanellope gives Ralph a cookie medal before the big race.  Of course, I foroet to pick up the candy leather to make them look like medals, but they are sweet on their own.  No, of course I didn't make them...I have another amazing friend who does cookies and is opening her own spot soon, Gibbs Cookies.

For the party, I'm going to bag them up as party favors...believe you me, there will be plenty of sugar flowing that night.

Birthday Express Wreck It Ralph movie party cupcakes

I couldn't just have one cupcake with a candle so give everyone one! With the leftover crepe paper, I weaved them onto my cake fun and a great touch instead of scrapbook paper.

That's right...gotta coordinate the drinks...

How easy is it to have everything you need in one box of fun and a few items from your craft closet like tags and paper straws? You never have to leave the least for the decor. Now, if they can make a Party Food In A Box, I'm so there!

I will definitely keep Birthday Express in mind when I'm party supply shopping, especially for hard to find themes.  The little one is bugging me to do a Pokémon party...he's been obsessed with it for awhile.  Doesn't he know I've been hoarding everything robot?

Stay tuned for part 2, the full party details!

Disclaimer – I was provided the Deluxe Party In A Box from Birthday Express for review and no compensation was given, real or implied.

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