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Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company

It's Pi Day, Pi Day...yes my friends, it's my fellow math geeks' High Holy Day, Pi Approximation Day, or Pi Day for short.  Technically, because π (pi) is an irrational number that doesn't end, 3.14 is an approximation. Yeah, exciting right? Well, it is...because it's also Einstein's birthday so it's like Mardi Gras right now.

Pi Day pie round up

So today, it's all pie, all the time! Check out last year's Pie Round Up, so much sweet goodness!

Pi Clock
Take a peek at the official site Pi Day for lots of great activities and games, especially if you have a child who loves math...or a child who, not so much.  They even sell Pi stuff...is anyone else as excited as I am about this Pi Clock? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company outside

So of course, I had to head out to a pie spot because I love pie and do serious research for today's post.  A fresh apple pie with a lattice crust, with a dollop of vanilla ice cream...I'm in heaven....oh, I digress. Off I went to check out Snohomish Pie Company.

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company dough

It's a quaint spot that has been at the same location for 16 years, and yet, I've passed it dozens of times over the years and never stopped in.  It may be due to all the antique shops in the area that tend to be a bit distracting.

Check out the fresh dough, being molded into future pie crusts...everything is made on location.

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company counter

When you walk in, you first see a very large rack that promises to reveal fabulousness.  Let's take a closer look shall we?

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company pie rack

Yup...a cooling rack full of pie.

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company chocolate pecan pie

Mmm...chocolate pecan pie...except I don't like pecan, so mmm...chocolate.

You can purchase your pie by the slice or not even try and order a full pie.  They do have a limited lunch menu and next time, I'll come back for lunch.

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company menu

But this trip was for pie.

I'm going to need one of these pie cutting do-hickeys...I didn't know such a thing existed! When I dorked out and asked if you could find it at Bed Bath And Beyond, I know it took everything in her power not to laugh out loud.  What can I say...the pie turned on, the brain turned off.

Pi Day Snohomish Pie Company marionberry pie

I ordered a slice of marionberry à la mode and yes, it tasted as good as it looks!

And remember the first photo of the pie with Pi? Someone custom ordered it for today...I know someone is going to have some fun.

Have a great Pi Day!

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