We Go Wednesday - Seattle Bloggers Unite With Assemble

So the stars aligned and I was finally able to attend my first Seattle Bloggers event in months...all the events have been on Tuesday/Thursday evenings when I have class and this time, it fell on a Wednesday.  Of course, that was irrelevant since I'm on Spring Break.

Assemble Craft + Chat Trophy Cupcakes
photo courtesy of Assemble
Anyway, we met at Trophy Cupcakes (mmm....) for a Craft + Chat with Assemble, an online craft shop.  For the Craft portion of the evening, brought their adorable kits for everyone to learn how to crochet.

Assemble Craft + Chat Trophy Cupcakes ladies

I can't crochet or knit, and I wish I could go for the first part...I'm hoping they do another night!  There were so many great ladies there, both old and new.  Andie and Emily of Assemble are absolutely adorable and again...wish I could have been there earlier.

Since I could only come in for the Chat portion, I don't have any great photos except for this one I took with my phone.  But the lovely ladies of Assemble did an amazing wrap up with great photos you should check out.

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