Celebrate Green With Earth Day

Earth Day is next Monday the 22 and communities everywhere will be taking action to protect the planet we call home. Every day should be Earth Day and taking steps to do a little reducing, reusing and recycling should be part of all our lives.

Earth Day shaving cream craft

That's not to say that we still can't party and celebrate responsibly. Check out my Today's Mama post on lots of great ways to craft and party green. If you live in the Puget Sound area, I shared a few local happenings as well.

Earth Day Parents green carnival terrarium

In the May issue of Parents, they have a wonderful green carnival outlined from crafting tiny terrariums from recycled jars to compost cupcakes and an upcycled newspaper banner.

Merci New York Earth Day dessert table

Merci New York's amazing dessert table was created 3 years ago, but it is an amazing classic that is still fresh and fabulous. Their natural look would compliment any eco-friendly bash with styling tips that include include utilizing the space's strengths and stocking the table with flea market finds. Head outside to gather natural material or head to your craft store for reusable items.

Earth Day natural table centerpieces

Bring nature in with Sunday Suppers' Earth Day dinner from soy candles to locally sourced flowers and vegetables for dining and display. By using plants that from local farms, you  minimize the energy used in transporting them from long distances.

Earth Day fruit skewers

I love this idea from Visual Photos; use some of your fruit frozen on skewers and pour sparkling water or fruit for a lovely beverage.
Earth Day succulent favors

I'm a big fan of favors that will not end up in the trash; this beautiful succulent pot from LoveLuxe Blog makes a lovely sustainable gift. Once you transplant, the vessel can be used to hold jewelry or knick-knacks.

Earth Day newspaper wrapping paper

Check out last year's Earth Day post which will lead you to even more posts!

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