Fiesta Friday - 1 Cake, 3 Ways To Decorate

1 cake 3 ways

Today's Fiesta Friday is 3 ways to make a plain cake fabulous! I have to admit, I have some serious piping skills that comes from years of making cupcakes. Alas, I cannot bake or layer a tiered cake.  So I'm always looking for ways to make a storebought cake look like I made it myself.  And yes, it can be done.  

1 cake 3 ways Cinco De Mayo cake peppers mustache

I purchased a plain frosted 5" cake from a local bakery but any size cake will work.

1 cake 3 ways Cinco De Mayo cake Sixlet candy trim

First up, for Cinco De Mayo, look no further than where you purchase your veggies.  Little peppers are the perfect way to top off your sweets for your fiesta; add on a  mustache on a stick, Sixlets candies (purchased in individual colors from Party City) and your simple cake goes to the next level. You can use larger peppers for a bigger cake and add cilantro leaves. Or swap out the Sixlets and trim with the leaves instead.

1 cake 3 ways spring cake pansy candy toppers

For the second look, you know I'm obsessed with candy melts and I knew my pansy lollipop mold would make fun toppers.  Shake on some sugar crystals and your cake is spring ready.  Find a similar mold here.

1 cake 3 ways pinwheel cake topper

For look #3; I found these fun birthday napkins awhile ago because they are the perfect color palette for a celebration.  I love the bright colors. I made a coordinating paper pinwheel and used some candy melt as glue to attach to a candy sticks.  A bigger cake will need more pinwheels.  If you don't want to make them edible, you can hot glue the pinwheels on instead.

1 cake 3 ways pinwheel cake nonpareils

I love nonpareils but they are a little tricky to work with, always rolling and bouncing around.  But of course, I had to have them to decorate the bottom of the cake.  I would have cleaned off, except when I tilted the cake stand for them to slide off, of course, the whole cake starting sliding off as well.   

Now go forth and decorate!

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