Fiesta Friday - Macaron Party Inspiration

Gourmet French Macaron Mindy Cone Creative Juice

I love macarons...the fact that I will never in this lifetime, be able to make them makes them even more appealing.  But my party pal Mindy of Creative Juice has a book coming out this fall called Gourmet French Macarons that promises to have lots of clever creations and maybe I will actually be able to make them.

I can talk about macarons all day so instead I'll just share some of my favorite inspired finds...

Macaron party inspiration

Set the scene with Oh Happy Day's DIY confetti tablecloth and I love Love Taza's tissue ball cluster decor!

I just ordered this Cake & Macarons notecard set from river & bridge; I can't wait for it to arrive.

Macaron Limoge trinket boxes make lovely party favors for a wedding, shower or a pretty stocking stuffer.

Pretty macaron napkins from Paper Source.

Mounted on an artist's palette, they make a pretty centerpiece from Stephmodo.

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