Spring Spa Week 2013 Is Coming!

Ack! How did this creep up already, even worse because I'm part of the Spa Week Hot Mom Squad?  That's ok...what better way to relieve your tax stress (or spend a little of that return money) than with a fabulous $50 spa treatment?

The biannual celebration that is Spa Week starts Monday, April 15 through April 21 when you can enjoy luxurious, full-service spa and wellness treatments at hundreds of top spas across North America. From massages, mani/pedis and eyelash extensions to laser hair removal, vein-zapping treatments, and more, now you can afford some of these pricey treatments for $50. Yes, $50.

No, don't feel guilty about a little 'me' time! Just visit Spa Week and enter your city in the green search box at the top of the page and check the "$50 Treatments" box to find out what spas in your area are playing along.

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