Tuesday Tip - Pintersting Invites

If you've been following me for awhile...or even a little bit, you know I love a clever invite.  I have an entire Pinterest board, Get The Party Started (said the way Pink sings it), devoted to them.

I can't stress enough, invites set the tone. No judgement here, everyone does what they need to do based on their time and budget.  There is nothing wrong with buying a pack of character invites...cough.  And yes, online invites are the way of the future.  I love sites like Paperless Post and I use them a lot, especially for high count guest lists and Save The Dates.  Except with weddings invites. You have to send a real one. And Facebook should never be used in any form, shape or fashion.  You laugh.  I've received a Facebook wedding invite.  I cannot reveal anymore details to embarrass folk.  But I did. Really.

But if you have a little time, and need some therapeutic crafting, then today's tip is just for you to help inspire a little cleverness for your next event.  I'm sharing a few of my fave invite pins...some are custom orders, some are free downloads.  But it's not about how much money you spend. It's really about the special touches that I can say with 99% confidence, your invitees will love and can't help but say yes.

makeup invite

This makeup invite from Mouse House is perfect for girls of every age.  From the mirror to paint chip  samples it's an easy one to replicate.

onesie invite

You can't tell me you don't love this onesie invite from Oscar & Emma?  But then again, I am a little biased with O & E, I love EVERYTHING they do!

balloon invite

Happiness is any invite involving a balloon...I have at least 6 different balloon ones pinned like this one from, wait for it...Happiness Is.

ice cream invite

Adding a wooden spoon to BHG's ice cream template is sweet genius.

lucky scratch off invite

Make your own scratch off invites for guests to know how lucky they are with a. party style.

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