Fiesta Friday - Superheroes Are Having The Best Week Ever

OK, Best Week Ever people, please don't sue me for using your line, but really, superheroes are having the Best Week Ever.  Actually, they've been kicking a*$ since The Avengers brought superhero love to the next level.  Anyone else salivating for Captain America II and Thor II? Did anyone else love Iron Man III as much as me?

super dad superhero table

Yeah, I was all over that last year for my Super Dad! Father's Day party table. Feel free to borrow a few ideas...

superhero food table Target

Now, I've been watching the Justice League cartoons forever and of course, we up in the community know about the delay in the live action movie.  So with the release of the new summer line at Target, which I love, love, love, there may be hope yet!

Don't you love this table? It is perfect for a superhero party! Get your hands on a roll of white butcher paper, break out those markers and you are set.

superhero game table Target

From summer entertaining to gardening, they have so many items that I wish I could buy them all. I'm seriously crushing on the Wonder Woman dishware...although I'm a little old to eat out to the divided set.

GapKids Junk Food superhero gear

And if you need some gear to rock at the party, GapKids' Junk Food™ has a new line of themed clothing. We are so going to get our hands on a few t's.

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