Tuesday Trend (On A Thursday) - Shine Bright Like A Diamond

diamond gemstone candy favors

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend...but if you can't have the real thing, then today's Tuesday Trend is the next best thing! Jewel themed crafts are popping up all over the web lately...although I like to think I started it back with my candy mold I love to use, most recently for  Valentine's Day treats.  But I'm not that vain...I don't think this post is about me.

Of course, now that I have gems on the brain, I'm thinking about Jem And The Holograms, my favorite 80's cartoon...She's truly outrageous...truly, truly outrageous! 

diamond gemstone push pins

Anyways, I love how Design*Sponge used her mold for DIY gem pushpins.

Kate Spade jewel gem coasters

Sadly, these coasters from Kate Spade are no longer available...but I bet a crafty person could make their own version with chipboard and cardstock?

washi tape gem wall art bash please

Turn washi tape into gem wall art with Bash Please...

gem washi tape wall art

...and Objects And Use.

gem cookie necklace

How about making a few cookie gem necklaces with Handmade Charlotte?

gem diamond 3d paper

And my very favorite, create your own paper diamonds with Minieco. I am slightly tempted to make a few for my bling baby shower shoot in sparkly paper. She also has templates for other gem shapes.

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