Real Party/Fiesta Friday - Lunchtime At Monsters University

Monsters University lunchtime table

Monsters University opens today and I can't wait to see it.  We are going with our cousins next week when we visit, so I have to be patient.  But of course, a little kick-off was in order so I put together a fun lunch table to celebrate the movie's release.  Wouldn't this be fun to serve everyone and then head out to the movie?

I found material at Jo-Ann's that created the perfect starting point as a tablecloth, along with a few fans for the backdrop.  Since the movie is set at school, I felt free to break out a few school themed props like mini easels and textbooks.

Monsters University lunchtime table Monster Wraps

Of course we have appropriately named foods.  Remember, you don't need to spend a lot of money to make even the smallest event special.  I purchased a few themed food items to set the tone, but feel free to serve whatever you want and give it a fun name.

 I love to make make wraps, a little sandwich meat and cream cheese works for even the finickiest eaters.  These are made with spinach tortillas for a nice monster green shade.

Do you like the food cards? You can do them yourself...the 'monster' font was a genius find from Font Meme paired with a collegiate font.

Monsters University lunchtime table lip pops

I haven't seen these lip pops anywhere else but at Winco Foods. When I first saw them a few weeks ago, I had to have them, they were my inspiration.

Monsters University lunchtime table blue computer chips

Yes, those are blue tortilla chips...I know, right? They were perfect.  Avocado chips work well too, they are a pretty green.

Monsters University lunchtime table Jell-O Eyeballs

My favorite item are the Jell-O Eyeballs.  I love Jell-O, it comes in so many fun colors and if you can't find the right color, just a few drops of food coloring can work magic.  Why buy two different colors when you can add yellow food coloring to blue Jell-O and get a great shade of green?

Monsters University lunchtime table gruesome cookies

Monsters University lunchtime table Mike Wazowski cups

Yes, I had to make cute cups...a few punches of paper and we have Mike Wazowski cups.

Monsters University lunchtime table beakers flasks

My latest acquisition...beakers and flasks.  I've been obsessed with them ever since Sara of Confetti Sunshine's busted them out as a fabulous centerpiece for a baby shower we had the pleasure of attending.  So I got me some.

Head over to Spoonful and print off a few activity sheets to keep them busy before everyone arrives for lunch.

Monsters University lunchtime table student i.d. card

Print out a student i.d. badge for everyone with free printables featured on Tammikee Tips. How fun would these be laminated with contact paper?

Have fun and I'll see you at the movies!

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