Tuesday Tip (On A Thursday) - Summer Fun Ideas

Ahhh....my portfolio review for school was yesterday.  Technically, I should have been taking the class next year since I don't graduate until then.  But eh...

So I created a fabulous presentation of a few of my favorite parties, awesome leave behinds for the reviewers all in a shiny box tied up with a big bow.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got a few peeks. I have to photograph everything to submit for next week so of course I'll be sharing here.  I'm sure you all want to know what has been keeping my attention away from my wonderful and patient readers!

Believe you me, I'm still busy elsewhere. I haven't shared any of my posts for Today's Mama!  Over there, I'm sharing lots of cheap and free summer fun. Some of it is slanted to us in the Seattle area, but there are a few options for everywhere else like free bowling and museum days and cheap movies.

And I'm also thrilled to be invited back to the Design Dazzle Summer Camp series again so head back over to Today's Mama for more details...

Summertime is the best time to start kids with giving back to their community.  I share a few ideas how you and your family can help locally like an animal shelter party and for the daring few, on international summer programs.

Plus, you will get to meet deliberateLIFE, a new an online magazine dedicated to showcasing a community of people seeking to make a difference in the world by choosing to do what is good for them, their families, local community, and neighbors across the sea. If you like them, they have a free one-month subscription offer available, so be sure to visit the post.

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