We Go Wednesday - Trader Joe's Now Has Real Macarons So Go Get Some

Marshall's macarons

I love that I can make awesome blog titles and get you all pumped up.  Last week on Instagram, it was a macaron bonanza. First, I saw these at Marshall's and a few people commented they bought them, but haven't tried them yet.  I'm a little skeptical of shelf-safe ones, so I didn't get them. Plus, they spelled it with two o's. Now that I'm thinking about it, I may go back now.

On the same day, I finally got my hands on Trader Joe's new flavors.  Remember I did a comparison with their vanilla/chocolate version a few years ago?

Trader Joe's flavored macarons box

So I was a little hesitant in trying them, but everyone has been tweeting and blogging about it.  Plus, look at those colors...

Trader Joe's flavored macarons

I was pleasantly surprised...they have the chewy center and crispy shell that is lacking in the vanilla version (yes, I bought another box just to see if they have changed the formula). With flavors like hazelnut and salted caramel, you can't go wrong, especially at $4.99 for 12.  In fact, I went back for a few more boxes and alas, there was only one left. Word has spread my friends so you better get your hands on them.

Trader Joe macarons push pop containers

Especially since you can make cute favors with push pop containers.  I made these for our last day of school treats with free printables from Lauren McKinsey and washi tape.  Now, I have had my containers for awhile, and I know that Wilton makes them now and craft stores carry them, but I don't know if they are the same size, so be warned.

Yes, this totally sounded like a sponsored review, but it wasn't. I love macarons and I'm always trying to feed my obsession for them without breaking the bank.

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