Real Party - Impromptu Tea Party Shoot

So, as you know...I only have boys. I may have mentioned a few (hundred) times, no pink, tutus or tea parties for me.  So for my birthday in May, I threw myself a tea party.  Gonna get around to sharing that one day.

impromptu tea party

Because of that, I started collecting some great pieces and now they sit and mock me, because they don't get to come out anymore. So, I decided to put together a little impromptu tea party shoot, just because. Plus, you can see how easy it is to throw something together for a real tea party with your little one, or with a grown up friend or two.
impromptu tea party setting

With storebought sweets and a few key pieces, it's so easy to make a pretty setup. I'm going through a  vintage phase and have been looking for new pieces to add to my collection.  My first major score,  the green trunk.  I've been looking for one for awhile and wouldn't you know, when I went to Spokane, grandma had two and let me have one.  I'm definitely going to be adding more to my arsenal.

impromptu tea party tassels

The fabulous Carmen of The Flair Exchange sent me one of her tassel garland sets in cool to check out.  They are precut tissue sheets and all you have to do is twist and assemble them. Fabulously easy, and after making my own for another party, I truly admire her skills and have no desire to make them from scratch anytime soon.

impromptu tea party sandwiches & scones

Break out those cookie cutters and make cute sandwiches...throw in a few blueberry scones and you are set.

impromptu tea party cupcake stand

Another one of my favorite scores is this metal toy stove from one of my favorite antique makes the perfect cupcake stand.  The minute I first opened the oven door, all I could see was a cupcake inside.  Nailed it!

impromptu tea party cupcakes

I love that I can find affordable gourmet cupcakes for last minute entertaining fabulousness.  When was the last time you saw pearls on a grocery store cupcake?

Impromptu gatherings are my favorite to do...what is your go-to tip when guests are dropping by?

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