Alt For Everyone Piggy Tags

Alt For Everyone piggy gift tag topper

So a few weeks ago, the powers that be at the great Alt For Everyone turned on the bat signal for submissions for items to go into their participants' swag bags.  Now, my soul is hurting that I can't go to January's Alt Summit in Salt Lake City (just a quick plane trip for me coming from Seattle) but by all that is holy, I'm there 2015!

I figured, what the hay, this is the closest I will come to anything Alt anytime soon, and there is no way they would pick me from all the fabulous shops that are sure to be submitted, you don't know until you try, yada, yada, yada.

So I submitted a little piggy gift tag set. I found a cute little cookie cutter that I just had to have and did some brainstorming, and decided to throw every trend into it...kraft paper, baker's twine, chalkboard, cello bags.

And holy smokes, THEY LIKED WHAT I DID! So when I got the email that they would need 300 of them and possibly another 200 in less than a month, would that be ok...all I could say was....sure!

That's what I get for being too clever for my own good. I called in every favor because as you can see, I had to make, bag and tag 600 piggies.  I made all the piggies myself from polymer clay and my awesome friends came by and helped me get them all finished.

The tag instructs the receiver it can be written on in white pen.  I know, right!

Alt For Everyone piggy gift tags

Sorry for all the previous crappy phone photos...this is them in all their glory.  In fact, as you read this, they will be arriving to 300 new homes.  I hope they are loved.

Thanks to all my fabulous friends who helped me make these...but I won't be doing this again, I promise.

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