Real Party/Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Ladies' Game Night Out

This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed. I was provided the samples free of charge by the company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review. 

I'm sorry, I usually share my parties for Fiesta Friday, but I've got so much to share over the next few weeks, I'm trying to squeeze everything in.  There just aren't enough days in the week!

With my new job and school, my quality girl times are few and far between.  What better way to get friends together than to eat, drink and play a few games?  I've been dying to do a game night ever since I was collecting goodies for hubby's poker night birthday party this summer and didn't use everything.  Plus, with fall settling in and chilly, dark nights ahead, there's no better way to go than a Ladies' Game Night Out.

Ladies' Game Night Out invites

I got the party started with Entertain Decorate Celebrate's free party invite...and just about everyone filled out the word search.  I was not expecting that...awesome!

When I was contacted by Shindigz  to review a few of their party items, I took the opportunity to look through their game and poker party supplies and the wheels started I ordered a set of  red poker chips,  dice favor boxes and Scrabble letters.

Ladies' Game Night Out Shindigz Scrabble letters wall decor

I was pleasantly surprised by the Scrabble letters; I was expecting them to be out of heavy paper or cardstock since it doesn't say in the description. They are made from foam core and set the scene perfectly...and yeah...hard-core Scrabble peeps, RP is not a word.  My picture hooks are still up and the P is hiding one.

Ladies' Game Night Out dice favor boxes

Filled with red and black gumballs from Green Party Goods and gold coins, the dice favor boxes could not have been more perfect.  Do you like how I used my chalkboard house? I couldn't resist...

Ladies' Game Night Out  food table

It was all about snacks and desserts.  Easy snacks and desserts...but we will get to that later.

Ladies' Game Night Out poker chip runner

Yes...I turned the red poker chips into a table runner. It was one of my favorite projects because I was inspired by Amy Atlas' Necco Wafer table runner, which is so fabulous.

Per the instructions, I just hot glued the chips to a section of tulle and trimmed accordingly.  I wish I had more chips, I would have covered the whole table. That's another dream for another day...although I would love to make the Necco Wafer runner for a party one day.

Ladies' Game Night Out Players Punch

I couldn't wait to use my new growler from The Entertaining Shoppe.  I just discovered what a growler was and had to have one. How did I go so long without one? They are perfect for beverages that need a shake or two for mixing.

Ladies' Game Night Out poker paper straws

Ladies' Game Night Out  domino brownies

Ladies' Game Night Out Chessman cookies

Talk about turning into a party hoarder...the oversized chess pieces were a Target score a few years ago that I've been holding on to. Yes, years...this is the first time I've used them. The suit bowls were another score from a friend's garage sale. And don't tell anyone that I swiped a few paint chip cards for the food labels that I hot-glued candy sprinkles to.

Ladies' Game Night Out Robert Rothschild Farm Chocolate Pear Tarts

I also had the pleasure of being contacted to review a few items from Robert Rothschild Farm, a family-founded company in Ohio. They believe in the premise of "open and serve" products.  That is so the name of my party game (all pun intended) because as you can see, everything on the table was 'open container, serve in a bowl.'

The only think I made that evening were their Chocolate Pear Tarts...I so bought fresh pear for garnish slices and so forgot to add. All I had to do was pipe the mixture into their fillo shells. Even the brownies are bakery-made.  I just sliced them up and piped on the domino dots.

Seriously, I don't know how many times I say this but head to your local grocer for easy items and serve them up in pretty vessels. Trader Joe's freezers are filled with so many heat and serve appetizers, the hardest part is figuring out what to serve.

I had their dark chocolate sauce left over from the recipe so I set it out with sliced apples for my gluten free peeps.  Which leads me to their other gluten free products we tried, the roasted corn and black bean salsa and tortilla chips. The salsa was given a very enthusiastic two thumbs up; I was told gluten free products aren't usually spicy and this was perfect. 

Ladies' Game Night Out gluten free salsa chips

Ladies' Game Night Out poker table

In case you were wondering, I had other table games set out and a few of us played Yahtzee while poker was going.  I can't play poker but the irony of playing Yahtzee is not missed.  

I are inspired for your own Game Night so glad I could help. Feel free to head over to Shindigz  and Robert Rothschild Farm if you would like to score your own goodies. They both have an extensive selection of products and I'm thrilled I was able to use them to make a fabulous night for my very deserving friends.

This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the products listed. I was provided the samples free of charge by the company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.

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