It's Halloweek! Frankenstein Party Ideas

We've been partying all week for Halloweek with great party ideas and a sweet giveaway.  So far, we've covered vampire and witch themed ideas and today it's reanimated ideas with Frankenstein.  Is anyone else excited for the 2014 release of I, Frankenstein starring Aaron Eckhart as the very hot, abs-of-steel creation?

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party paint chip ideas

Anyways...back to party stuff...get the party started by getting your hands on a few paint chips and head over to Angela Sgro Designs to turn them into a too-cute party invitation.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party door

Greet your guests with a tricked-out door with Griffin's Honey Blog.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party ideas Mad Scientist's table

There is no better scene to set than the Mad Scientist's Lab! Check out my Today's Mama post for more Frankenstein treats, crafts and creative decorating ideas like this table from The Happy Heathen.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party macarons

You will have to get your hands on her new book to make these too-sweet creations from Creative Juice.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party ideas candy marshmallows

Set out all the fixings and have young guests (and let's be honest, grown ups like to play with candy too!) make marshmallow monsters with Martha Stewart.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party Rice Krispy treats

Make too-cute treats with Lisa Storms and her free printable.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party plates

Serve your munchies on these plates from Hallmark on Amazon.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein themed wedding party

Head over to the Hostess Blog for this ba-nanas Frankenstein's Halloween Wedding full of very inspired green ideas.

It's Halloweek! Frankenstein party Bride Of Frankenstein cupcakes

Don't forget The Bride Of Frankenstein...I love this cupcake idea from Sugar Swings.

Need a cocktail? Check back at Sunday's D.O.W. for the Frankenstein Reviver cocktail from Pillsbury.

Stay tuned for brains...BRAINS!

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