It's Halloweek!: Monster Mash Cocktails

Yeah! It's time to get the party started every day this week by kicking off this year's Halloweek with the best way to start any party...with cocktails! Today's Drink Of The Week, Monster Mash (more like Drinks Of The Week), are hints to the party themes heading your way all this week.

It's Halloweek! Monster Mash Bloody Shirley Temple Cocktails

Bloody Shirley Temples from Made From Pinterest.

It's Halloweek! Monster Mash Witches' Brew Cocktail

Head over to Pillsbury for a bubbly cauldron of Witches' Brew.

It's Halloweek! Monster Mash Frankenstein Cocktail

Also from Pillsbury, a citrus combo of liqueurs bring to life the Frankenstein Reviver.

It's Halloweek! Monster Mash Zombie Cocktail

The Zombie, featured on HGTV, is named because of how you will end up in the morning...not the night before, thanks to three kinds of rum and brandy!

It's Halloweek! Monster Mash Liquified Ghost Cocktails

While you are over at HGTV, check out their Liquified sounds so tasty.

Tune in tomorrow for ideas with bite...

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