Tuesday Tip (On A Thursday) - Party Tips Guest Post For Moms & Munchkins

In case you missed it all over Twitter and Facebook (you should follow me there...there's not enough room to share all my crazy here!), I'm thrilled to be guest posting at Moms & Munchkins for her Party Tip Tuesday series, sharing some of my favorite ways to partying on a budget. Go check it out!

Sending Valentines Made Easy With Cardstore

This is a sponsored guest post from! 

In the midst of winter’s chill, Valentine’s Day brings out the warm n’ fuzzy love bug in all of us. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or the friend who loves to make everyone in her circle feel special, February 14th comes with the insatiable urge to pass out Valentine’s Day Cards cards to those you care about.

Cardstore Valentine's Day cards

Cardstore brings to you the tips and tricks to make sending Valentine’s Day cards both meaningful and simple this year. Maybe it’s a wistful throwback to being a kid again: Remember how you would painstakingly design handmade Valentines or carefully write out the names of friends and classmates on store-bought Valentine’s cards? Or the excitement of creating an elaborate “mailbox” to hold each of these red-pink-and-white treasures. And the candy...let’s not forget the candy!

We Do Wednesday - Hank & Hunt

The next installment in my It Started With An Idea series features She Who Crafts A Lot O' Things, Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt.  Odds are if you know who I am, you most certainly know who she is! Check out my interview with her on Today's Mama to see how she makes everything work, which includes getting up really early in the morning and lots of bribery!

Tuesday Tip - Peg Dolls

A few months ago, I won a giveaway that included these adorable peg owls from Jenny Dixon of  Craft That Party and Crossing The Bugger-Dixon Line. I've been waiting for a reason to use them and when I saw birch paper straws from Garnish, I knew what must be done.

Add on a sprinkle trim and rad cake toppers, and a plain cake is elevated to fabulous status.

Drink Of The Week - Naturally Flavored Water

The Yummy Life infused waters

Did you know in the winter months you get more dehydrated than in the summer?  Between harsh outdoor air and heated air sucking the moisture out of your skin and sweat absorbed by layers of clothing, you don't 'feel' as thirsty as you would on a summer day. And FYI, by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

Keep a stash of flavored water on hand...The Yummy Life has an amazing post full of tips on how to infuse water, from supplies to easy recipes.  I love infusing water, not only is it good for you, look how pretty they are in over sized mason jars!

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Valentine Baking With Lucky Leaf + Giveaway

Winner update: 2/2/13: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered! And the lucky winner is entry #48 Zoe H

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week is coming to an end but we are going out on a high note!  If you've missed some of the fun so far, it's been a fun cocktails, a giveawaydessert, special Valentine treats, non candy valentines and my  Kiss Me, I'm Green party.

As a Lucky Leaf ambassador (yeah, my bio isn't up there yet...but it will be...soon...), I get all kinds of sweet yummies to try out and today I'm not only sharing two of them, but a giveaway to create your own!

Lucky Leaf Baby Blueberry Pies

First up, Baby Blueberry Pies...I would prefer to call them 'mini' instead of 'baby' just sounds weird...but that's just me. A stack of them tied up with baker's twine and a pretty tag (see below) would make a pretty treat.  I would have shown you that, except you don't want to see what you can't see in the photo...I'm still learning how to make pies 'work' and not bubble over.

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Kiss Me, I'm Green

It's Day 6 of my Won't You Be My Valentine? Week and I know you've been looking forward to today's Fiesta Friday. If you've missed some of the fun so far, it's been a fun cocktails, a giveawaydessert, special Valentine treats, non candy valentines. and now it's partay time!

Kiss Me I'm Green Valentine's Day/St. Patrick's Day party plates

I'm always on the lookout for party inspiration and sometimes it comes in the simplest form...I found these Kermit plates on clearance at Target and couldn't pass them up.  And then the wheels started turning...It's Not That Easy Being Green could be a Valentine theme...Kiss Me, I'm Green! It does double duty for St. Patrick's Day too! Heh...duty.

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Non-Candy Valentines

Wow, has Won't You Be My Valentine? Week flown or what? All week I've been sharing Valentine goodies;  cocktails, a giveaway, dessert, special Valentine treats and it's about valentines.

non candy Valentines hair clips

I try not to do candy valentines (don't they get enough sugar at the classroom party?) , last year's bugs and hair clips were a big hit.  This year, the little one will be making these from Blonde Invitations & Stationary and replacing the candy with a fun eraser.

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: 3D Candy Hearts + Pancakes

Lekue Silicone 3-D Hearts Chocolate Mold
All this week is getting you ready for Valentine's week with cocktails, a giveaway, dessert and today I'm sharing a few clever ways to say I love you!

While perusing the Fancy Flours catalog, I spied the Lekue silicone 3D hearts chocolate mold and it was a bit of a splurge for $24. But I've been really good and I really wanted it and since I'll never be making 3D cookie versions, it's a consolation prize.

I ordered last Thursday and it was here by Saturday, but Montana is 'close' to me, but I'm sure if you order soon, it would get you in plenty of time for Valentine's Day....because...

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: $50 Giveaway From Shabby Apple + 10% Discount Code


Winner update: 1/30/13: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered! And the lucky winner is… entry #14 TERUMI Congrats!

Every gal likes to look pretty...I'm currently obsessed with sweater dresses since it's a bit chilly up here in the Seattle area. But my mind is always thinking about warmer weather and light, casual dresses. Nothing perks up your winter spirits like a new addition to your wardrobe so Katie of Shabby Apple is offering one of my readers a $50 credit to Shabby Apple!

Shabby Apple $50 giveaway

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Mini Chocolate Heaven Treats With Lucky Leaf

Mini Chocolate Heaven Valentine's Day Treats Lucky Leaf

It's Day 2 of Won't You Be My Valentine? Week! Did you see Day 1's Valentine cocktail? I was bopping around one day and came across Musselman's Chocolate Creme Pie Filling. Of course, I grabbed one and have been sitting on it, waiting for the chance to use it.

Won't You Be My Valentine? Week: Valentine's Cocktail

This week is Won't You Be My Valentine? Week, all things Valentine's Day with new projects (and a few old ones), an awesome giveaway to get you all pretty for your night out and a Fiesta Friday that I hope won't make you 'green' with envy...hint hint!

We'll kick the party off with today's D.O.W from Sugar And Charm for Style Me Pretty, two of my very favorite spots!  This cocktail combined everything perfect in the world, from a cute tag and rimming to a marshmallow skewer in chocolate liquor! Visit for all the details and the recipe! Exclamation!!

Fiesta Friday - Super Bowl 2013 Party Ideas

Super Bow 2013 party ideas

The Super Bowl is coming up and although we don't host a party, many of you are itchin' for ways to class up da joint.  I've got a great round up today...I know it's great because now I want to host a party.

The Hostess Blog always has something clever for Game Day and this spread comes with free printables.

I love Karin Lidbeck-Brent's table top's clean look using kraft paper, white electrical tape and stickers.

Serve chocolate covered strawberry footballs; check out the how-to from Domestic Fits.

This football centerpiece from blumebox is a must. Just cover your box with leather patterned paper.

Lovin' this tailgating club sandwich bar from Pizzazzerie on ForRent.

I love this tailgating party from Amy's Party Ideas; color coordination is key when rooting for your favorite team and she did it down to the fruit tray.

Check out last year's post for more inspiration!

We Do Wednesday - Jenny Cookies

Jenny Keller Jenny Cookies

Can you believe January is half way over? How are your resolutions going? One of mine is to keep on my business track and continue working on balancing all the moving parts that is my life.  I'm more about maintaining than trying to set new goals.

If you are needing a little shot of inspiration, check out my new series for Today's Mama, It Started With An Idea, featuring some hard working ladies who started with an idea and followed their passions. By no means, is it easy but isn't that true for anything worth while? So skip on over and meet my cookie diva, Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies.  You may have heard me mention her once or twice.

Tuesday Tip - Spas For Kids And Teens/Homemade Bath Fizzies

Today is an all-spa Tuesday Tip! I bet you thought Spa Day was only for mommies trying to escape from their hectic lives.  Check out my post for SpaWeek for a few fabulous places for kids and teens to relax and get a break from you.  Did you know teens can get massages and facials?

Drink Of The Week - Lionel Richie Tea Serveware

LennyMud's Lionel Richie Hello Is It Tea You're Looking For? teapot

Today's D.O.W. is a drink accessory I know you will enjoy using everyday or break out at your next tea party for a genius conversation piece. I'm a lover of all things 80's so when I came LennyMud's Hello Is it Tea Your're Looking For? teapot for one, of course I had to share.

C'Mon Barbie, Let's Go Party

Move over American Girl, Barbie is restaking her claim as the most powerful doll in the world with the Barbie Premium Experience only available on the Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

This exclusive package will be available on Royal Caribbean sailings starting this month on select ships and rolling out to the remainder of the fleet by March.  Girls ages 4 - 11 will stay in a stateroom decked out in all things Barbie, attend a Tiaras & Teacups Party, take fashion designer workshops and more!

Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Girls' Weekend Spa Party

girls' weekend spa party goody bar

A few months ago, the stars aligned and I was able to escape with friends for a relaxing girls' weekend.  My two cents...a spa party with a side of Magic Mike.  My friends always appreciate a night of pampering, and one day I'm hoping to just hire the party in...but until then, I am more than happy to oblige.

First Birthday Ideas V

First Birthday Ideas DJ ideas

I've always started off the first post of the year with the bestest first there is, the First Birthday.  Now, the tradition is carried forth over on Today's Mama with my first post for them this year.  And as always, it's all about fun invite and favor pairings to get your party going, you add the rest. After all, the guest of honor won't remember this, it's all for us parents and the entire baby book you know you are dedicating to this day.

Check out my previous posts First Birthdays III, III, IV...

Tuesday Tip - $50 Giveaway From Get The Party Started


Winner update: 1/16/13: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered! And the lucky random winner is… entry #61 ANNE NACK Congrats! 

 Is Pink's song running through your head now? I know...what a great way to start off 2013 with a $50 credit from Get The Party Started so you can...wait for it...get the party started.

Liz's shop specializes in creating one of a kind party items from banners and door signs, to cupcake toppers, favor tags, and more! Each item is handcrafted and handmade for a unique look that you cannot find in a regular party store. Let's take a look at some of her wares, shall we?

Get The Party Started giveaway banner

Working on a First Birthday theme? How about a cute banner for the little one's high chair?

Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Colorful And Glittery New Year's Eve Party

It's the first Fiesta Friday of the year! What better way than to share how we brought in 2013 with a bang with great friends and me in crazy-crafting mode! It all started with the color had to be colorful and glittery...wait for it, a Colorful And Glittery New Year's Eve! Take a peek back at my inspiration board...and once I received the tassel garland from The Flair Exchange, my party plans went into a different, even more awesome direction.

Be ye warned...there are a lot of photos...but totally worth it!

Colorful And Glittery New Year's Eve Party Inspiration Board

Whoa! It's 2013! When you are writing checks, don't forget that.  I always spend the first few months of every year putting the last year on it....not good.  I hope you all had a fabulous New Year's! We rung it in with style...I've been sharing a few sneak peeks like the clock favors, and the full recap is coming soon.  Today, as always, I'm sharing the party's inspiration board, colorful and glittery was the name of the game.
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