We Do Wednesday - Make And Takes

Marie Make And Takes

We are chugging along in my It Started With An Idea series with the fabulous Marie of Make And Takes! She is inspired crafty genius; check out her thoughts on life, crafting, and her love of yarn on my Today's Mama post.

Tuesday Tip/Trend - Girl Scout Cookies®

It's that time of the year, y'all! Girl Scout Cookies® are here!  I just picked up my stash of Samoas®, Tagalongs® for the man and Thin Mints® for the boys.  My friend is a troop leader and her girls are raising money to go to Europe.  I can eat 2 boxes of Samoas for the cause....

So today's Tip/Trend is all about one of the hardest working groups I know! So be inspired by today's post and go support your local troop through March 17 (St. Patrick's Day) with a box...or 10.

Girl Scout cookies trail mix

Little Brownie Bakers have been baking 8 kinds of Girl Scout Cookies® for over 35 years, so you know you have to check out their recipes for making goodies with your cookies.  Did you ever think to crumble up Samoas for trail mix or Do-Si-Dos® Peanut Thai Chicken? You know you need their Cookie Locator app to get to your cookie fix faster.

Tuesday Tip (On A Monday) - Tea Collection's 3 + 1 Deal

Starting now  through Wednesday, February 27 11:59 p.m. PT, my fabulous sponsor Tea Collection is offering you the chance to buy 3 separates and get the 4th free on select styles. Just look for the 3+1 icon for the participating styles and use the promo code 4FUN at checkout.

Glop & Glam Review/Valentine Wrap Up

Before I launch into today's crazy, if you are looking for children's hair care products made from organic and natural ingredients, works on a variety of hair types, and just plain fun to use, check out my review of Glop & Glam over on Today's Mama.

I know Valentine's Day has passed but I couldn't resist sharing all of the great ones we did this year.  There are so many talented folks out there making amazing printables and I love them for it. Plus, I've finally joined the 21st century with getting a real phone and took all these photos with them...I'm always amazed at the quality of SmartPhone photos.  And incidentally, it also means that I can now post on Instagram so come join me in yet another facet of crazy.

So anyways, back to the valentines...there are SOOOOOO many amazing ideas out there, it was so hard to narrow the ideas down...

Valentines Blonde Designs

The little one's were my favorite, using Blonde Designs' printables, he drew in all of his classmates for adorable candy toppers.

We Do Wednesday - Mod Podge Rocks!

I've had my head low and to the ground the past couple of weeks, plowing though school and Valentine's Day stuff, then caught a red eye last Thursday night to spend some time with my family and meet my new nephew, born on February 10th...on his due date.  In fact, my sister sent me a text after midnight that she was on her way to the birthing center.  I guess he knew auntie was coming in whether he was there or not, so I thank my sister for working that out for me.

But I have a new post over on Today's Mama, continuing on in my It Started With An Idea series, with Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks! I know, she's up there next to Martha Stewart.  Who is she? Guess you better head on over and find out...

Drink Of The Week - Milkshakes & Cookies

Valentine's Day is Thursday and I'm all tapped Christmas starting in July, it feels like it's been a perpetual sea of hearts.  But of course, I have to get in one more idea before moving on.

My boys love milkshakes, especially those from  local burger joints, thick and rich and every flavor under the sun.  Today's D.O.W  was inspired by them, homemade shakes with a Valentine's Day twist!

Fiesta Friday - Oscar Fiestas III

The Oscars are coming Sunday February 24 and every year I love doing party inspiration for it! We all know it's not about the movies, or the awards, but what everyone is wearing.  At least for me and all the shows that will spend the following week being hypercritical of  everyone's outfits.  I love it when one show LOVES an outfit and another wants to beat down the stylist.

Speaking of fashion, invite your guests to become part of the decor and dress up! Check out College Fashion's everyday wear inspired by Les Misérables. Be inspired with  70's fashion for Argo, Indian-inspired garb for  Life Of Pi or camouflage gear for Zero Dark Thirty.

Oscar Party Fiestas Real Simple

Set your party scene with a clean and elegant feel from Real Simple's dessert spread.  Add edible glitter to everything! I find it in stock at my favorite baking store but online shops like Fancy Flours have a staggering array of items to glitz anything up.

Tuesday Tutorial - Heart Argyle Valentine's Wreath Hack

I love when my crafty friends turn into MacGyver and find clever ways to recreate things.  Apparently, 'hacking' is like the 'it' thing in the crafting world, making a cheaper version of something expensive.  So I guess, this is my first 'hack'...and not mine, because I didn't even make it.  And not really that expensive...OK, I'll stop rambling and tell the story...

I pinned this fabulous yarn and felt wreath from Mine For The Making, which is ironic because she was inspired by another pin.

Valentine's Night Out At Tulalip Resort Casino

Tulalip Resort Casino Valentine's Day Night Out

If you live in the Seattle area, you may be familiar with the Tulalip Resort Casino.  This year, spend a hot  Valentine's Day night there...check out my Today's Mama's post for my biased opinion...I love that place!

Fiesta Friday (On A Saturday) - Love Stings Inspiration Baord

Man, Valentine's Day is creeping up fast so I'm going to sneak in one more party inspiration board...

I'm lovin' Tiny Prints' Love Stings anti-Valentine's Day party invite and it  inspired today's post!  Not everyone is into the overpriced roses and straight-to-your-thighs sweets, myself included.  I believe it's a conspiracy theory concocted by the greeting card, stuffed animals and heart box candy people to make you feel like this is the only day to make your significant other feel special and if you don't have a Valentine you are a total loser and no one will ever love you.

Love Stings inspiration board

Sorry...I drifted into a time when I was single and hated every big eyed bear holding a 'I Wuv You' heart. I still detest Valentine's Day even though I've been married 13 years... Back in the day I got my gal pals together and we would hit the town, all Sex And The City empowered.

This year, how about a bee-themed Love Stings partay with all your single ladies (and guys) uh-oh-oh... and with a color palette of black, yellow and red you can't go wrong.

Fiesta Friday - Lunar New Year 2013

The longest and most important festivity in the Chinese calendar, Lunar New Year begins Sunday, February 10 and lasts for 15 days. If you are planning any festivities, it is Year Of The Snake; those born under this sign are believed to be thoughtful and wise and to approach problems rationally and logically, seldom instinctively.

Check these spots out to inspire your fabulous celebration....

Lunar New Year 2013 Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids' Lunar New Year celebration is full of great how to's.
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