Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Hogs & Kisses Valentine Fun

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party Fun

I've been loving all of the Valentine fun showing up everywhere, I'm so sad to see it all end. And the same goes here, with the grand finale, Hogs & Kisses Valentine Fun. Sometimes, it is blowout party time, and sometimes, it's just an impromptu party time.  And sometimes, those are the best ones...a few treats, simple decor and you have yourselves the making of a great afternoon.

As always, I'm a big fan of setting the scene with a pretty's wrapping paper choice is from Paper Source and was the perfect backdrop to make our party table really pop.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party notecards

I made simple notecards for the kids to write sweet valentines to put into these cute mailboxes I found at Target.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party piggy plates

I can't get enough of my piggy plates, can I? Remember them from my Hoggy Holidays table? I've been full of puns lately.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party Fun frosted doughnuts

You all know, mama don't bake.  That doesn't mean I can't trick out storebought treats with the best of them.  A swirl of frosting and a sprinkle of sprinkles make a cake stand of cherry doughnuts super special.  I added a simple topper made with a paper straw.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party doughnut topper

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party lip cookies Gibbs Cookies

I have fabulous baker friends and once again, Gibbs Cookies whipped these pretty ones up inspired by Wilton.  I actually have this cookie cutter so it was perfect!  They look very pretty on Sweetworks hot pink Pearls.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party sprinkles

Sprinkles just aren't for food...use them as table confetti! I also made 3" party circles that were supposed to be part of a garland...but you know how party things go. So, I scattered them on the table.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party straw toppers

If you haven't discovered the joys of making your own stickers, now is the time.  You can get circle labels and print out any design you desire.  I get 8 1/2" X 11" sticker sheets so I can make labels in any shape or size I want. I've done straw sticker toppers for lots of parties, it's a great way to embellish drinks.

Hogs & Kisses Valentine's Day Party Fun top of frosted doughnuts

Happy Valentine's Day!

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