Rainbow Soda Bar

Rainbow Soda Bar with bottles from Cost Plus Market

This post isn't sponsored by World Market and it may sound like it is, but it's not. I just love that place. A lot. From back when it used to be called Cost Plus.  I still call it that sometimes and people are like, What?? Oh, it's World Market, old lady.

So, on my recent trip there looking for wine and gluten free stuff for this weekend's GNO, front and center was a whole retro-vibe display, including an entire rack of soda bottles. They've always carried them, hidden in the back with the other beverages, but there they were, a whole new world of fabulous varieties, flavors and colors.

Rainbow Soda Bar with washi tape and paper straws

So of course, I had to buy some.  If you are hosting a St. Patrick's Day soiree with children and/or non-imbibers, how about swinging by World Market and picking up a few bottles and setting up a rainbow soda bar?  Right now, they are only .99 each and there are so many to choose from.  I think I spent 20 minutes deciding on which colors to pick.  With a little washi tape and paper straws, you have yourself a party.

I think I may have a soda bar at every party now...I certainly have enough paper straws.  I think someone needs to come to my house and stage an intervention.  Seriously, who has an entire DRAWER of them and doesn't sell them?

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