Tuesday Tip - Bloggers Around the World Supporting the Troops Valentine's Day Box

I'm a proud military wife...my husband is in the Marines Corps and we have been through 4 deployments and countless extended training exercises. Being separated and sending my hubby care packages comes second nature to me.

So when Betsy of Java Cupcake invited me to participate in Bloggers Around the World Supporting the Troops, a Deployment Care Package Program, of course I was on board. We would be sending care packages to her husband and his platoon currently deployed to the Kandahar Provence of Afghanistan.

Since they are missing Valentine's Day I wanted to send them some extra love.  Of course, you all know I can't bake so I had to pull out the extra creative stops because 1. I don't bake and 2. it can't be too cutesy, these are grown men, for pete's sake.

So I present...

Punny Valentine's Day Treat Boxes

Just enough cutesy and cheesiness to bring a few smiles and groans to their faces.  So what did I come up with?

Inside Punny Valentine's Day Treat Boxes

I found these great poker pretzels and shelf-stable cheese wedges at World Market, the fry boxes at Hobby Lobby, whipped up the printable and packaged it all up.  What does it say?  "BETTING you won't have a CHEESY Valentine's Day".  I know...it's painfully punny.

I lined the flaps with scrapbook paper to jazz it up a bit and off it goes!  For our own deployments, I never thought to decorate the flaps, what a clever idea.

I can't wait for them to open this up...they'll be taking  photos when the box arrive, so I will be sharing for sure!

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