Fiesta Friday - Pi Day

Pi Day - Snohomish Pie Company Pi(e)

It's Pi Day, Pi Day...March 14...3.14 Yes my friends, it's my fellow math geeks' High Holy Day, Pi Approximation Day, or Pi Day for short. Technically, because π (pi) is an irrational number that doesn't end, 3.14 is an approximation.  I haven't seen it since you left high school algebra. So of course, it's time to celebrate all things pi(e)!

Pi Day Pie Tasting Party inspiration

On my very long party to-do list, hosting a pie party like this one from Shiny Happy Sprinkles.  I love their simple but oh so sweet spread. Invite each guest to bring their favorite sure and have a sign up list, or you will be all eating a lot of apple pie.

Instead of whole pies, how about serving mini pies in berry baskets from Brides.

These paper pies from Fiskars are a great way to serve fun have to counteract all that sugar some how.

Wash it all down with a cold glass of milk; set up a milk bar with pretty bottles like these from Wedding Chicks.

Send everyone home with a special slice of your pie in A La Modo's boxes with color block cutlery.

Speaking of pie, if you live near Snohomish, WA you may want to check out my visit to the Snohomish Pie Company and get you some pie. Chances are, you probably already know about it.

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