Free Headed For A Bright Future Neon Graduation Party Favor Tags

Yesterday, you got a peek at my Headed For A Bright Future neon graduation party inspiration board and today I'm sharing a fun and free tag to make light bulb favors. Both Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry light bulb containers; at Michaels, they come all kinds of fun colors.

Since I have a plethora of Sixlets from Sweetworks in lots of fun colors, I went with clear bulbs and tied on the tags with solid colored baker's twine.  I was going to use these as the favors for my party shoot, but then I found the perfect candy mold and just had to use it.

So, instead of hoarding the cuteness, I'm going to share the tags with y'all as a free download.  You could also tie them to pencils like these neon ones I also found at Michaels.  And sidebar, I went to a certain cutesy shop over the weekend and they had the exact same pencils and were charging more than twice for them.  For shame...

The YOU ARE HEADED FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE tags can be downloaded here.  Be sure to choose Fit To Page under your printer settings before printing.

Join us tomorrow for the treat table...

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