Mason Jar Meals Labels

So...I entered a Mason jar label design contest.

I didn't win.

I didn't even place.

I don't know why because, I think I had a genius idea. But that's ok...I won in my own mind.  I'm not bitter or anything like that.  Really.

Mason Jar Meals labels

So my thought was to create a fictitious company who can cater for your office meetings, backyard party, wedding, get-together or whatever.  Instead of ratchet foam containers or standard plates, you would get your meals in wide mouth Mason jars.   You can choose to keep the glassware or rent it like any other catering company.

I know...that alone should have gotten 3rd place.

But like I said...I'm not bitter.

Breakfast Granola Of Champions?  Hello, cleverness!  No? Nothing?

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