Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Nautical Patriotic Table

How to create a nautical patriotic table

For my video production class, I had to create a video on anything I wanted. I decided to show how to create a party table, eventually the beginning of a series. In my mind, it would look like this video from the fabulous Jenny Steffens Hobick...but it doesn't.

I'm still debating on whether I will even share the video...although I got a great grade on definitely looks like a student video and I'm too much of a perfectionist.  And it doesn't look like Jenny's.  I know, I know, but still.

So with the 4th in one week, I'm sharing more party ideas.  Remember how I said I've been on a patriotic kick with my other nautical patriotic table for Design Dazzle?  I did it again for my video...and I did take pictures...

Reuse And Repurpose Items From Around The House
This shoot was all about reusing and repurposing items from around your house.  The tablecloth is actually one of my new scarves and the red lantern lives in my living room with candles.  And how many times have I reused those crab plates??

In fact, the only things I bought were the food items and the backdrop's wrapping paper.  The roses were leftover from another party.  I made the navy rosettes for my tea party last year.  See why it pays to be a party hoarder?

How to create a nautical patriotic table backdrop

How to create a nautical patriotic table lanterns

How to create a nautical patriotic table star bowls and candy

My friends at SweetWorks keep me in candy...Sixlets are so fun and versatile and come in so many fun colors.  I filled a fishbowl with navy ones and added Swedish Fish for a little fun.

How to create a nautical patriotic table cake stand

Invest In Cake Stands And Glassware
My cake stand collection is seriously growing...I just purchased this blue Mosser Glass stand on Amazon and the red one from the Martha Stewart Collection.  

If you are looking to expand your collection, I recommend trolling Amazon and stalk your favorite brick-and-mortar stores like Macy's around the holidays when things go on sale and use purchase discounts.  I got both stands for a serious steal.  Especially the blue one.  Seriously, Mosser Glass products are not cheap...but toootttaaallllyyyy worth it.  I have ghetto white versions and there is a difference.  Oh yes, there is a difference.

Don't be afraid to mix your expensive pieces with inexpensive finds. That's right, all the glassware on the table is either Dollar Tree or Target's Dollar Spot.  Your nice pieces will anchor everyone together. 

Make Storebought Goodies Look Fabulous
Y'all know I don't bake unless it's in a simple pan like Bundt or cupcakes.  I'm not ashamed...I have a few favorite bakery spots that can bust out a mean cake and you would never know I didn't make it myself.  You do enough as a hostess, make it easier on yourself.

My cookie cutters are rarely used for cookies...this time I used a couple of star ones and had fun with watermelon slices.  Do you know how much work would go into making these cute cookies? Storebought, baby!

Don't forget your drinks! Topped off with mason jar daisy lids and paired with blueberries and striped straws from Target and Sweets & Treats Boutique, lemonade goes from drab to fab.  Did I just say that??

How to create a nautical patriotic table lemonade in mason jars

How to create a nautical patriotic table cupcakes

Need even more nautical patrioticness?  Don't forget to check out my Starfish & Stripes cupcakes...

How to create a nautical patriotic table adult table

...and the table they inspired!  PS...I didn't make any of the food on the table either...

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