Tuesday Tutorial - Pineapple Macarons

It's a Flamingo + Pineapple party all this week on the blog.  Those two are so trendy, summer cool right now, I couldn't resist getting in on the fun.  I did two shoots in one, a kids' table and tweaking it a bit for an adult soiree.

Yesterday, you saw my inspiration board;  today, I'm showing how to turn macarons into pineapples for my party tables! No, I don't have macaron-making skills, I picked them up,  but I do have candy melt skills.

What you will need:
yellow macarons (storebought or homemade, show-off...)
green candy melt
disposable piping bag
wax paper

1.  Trace your macaron on a sheet of white paper, then draw on some leaves.  This will be your template.
2.  Lay a sheet of wax paper over your template.  Melt green candy melt in a piping bag according to the directions, then outline and fill in your leaves. Don't worry, it isn't going to be pretty, just focus on making sure your leaves have a nice outline.
3.  Slide wax paper over and repeat for as many leaves as you need.
4.  Let the leaves cool completely and solidify.  Meanwhile, trace the pineapple's 'lines' with an edible marker.
5.  Carefully remove the leaves from the wax and flip over so the smooth side is up.
6.  Add a small amount of green candy melt along the macaron's filling and carefully insert the leaves.  The melt will cool and 'glue' the leaves in.


Be sure and tune in all this week for more pineapple and flamingo ideas!

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