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Last year, over on Seattle Mama, I started a series interviewing local powerhouses who started with an idea and turned it into a crazy reality. It was so popular, I thought to myself, 'hey self, you should do the same thing, except this time, you should stalk some more of  your favorite bloggers from all over'.

So, for the next 8 Wednesdays, I bring you the Makers + Shakers Series: 8 Creatives You Should Follow.  If you know who they are, woo hoo, you are so hot and trendy.  If not, then look at that, you learned something new today.

Today we are meeting Rachel Faucett, the amazing powerhouse behind Handmade Charlotte, the go-to place for a daily dose of DIY projects, crafts, recipes, inspiring family spaces, and design inspiration to help families create unforgettable moments.

Read on as I pick her fantastically creative brain and share a few of my favorite projects of hers...

Please tell our readers a little bit about who Rachel is. 
RF - I'm a dreamer and unicorn chaser. Space travel is part of my weekly routine. My super smart (and did I say genius + hot + super nice) husband and I live on a farm near Atlanta, Georgia. We have 5 kids and started Handmade Charlotte together about 5 years ago. He's a designer + developer + photographer and I am a self proclaimed abstract balloon artist. I think I'm more of a conceptual artist.

What made you decide to launch Handmade Charlotte?
RF - We launched HC a few years back when I was making clothing + paintings + jewelry and setting up at craft shows. Jonathan and I have always loved design that focused on children. He launched the website + Etsy shop and just a few months into it we were approached by Anthropologie to design a mini collection. 

This really got the ball rolling and opened up the doors to the largest brands in the world - IKEA, Wayfair, Target, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, McDonalds, Subaru, LG, Proctor and Gamble, Evite, Cannon, Universal Pictures, HP , Disney, Martha Stewart, and several major craft brands including the brands mentioned.

Between your DIY projects, crafts and recipes, working with powerhouses like all the ones you've mentioned and more like Plaid, Cricuit and Pottery Barn Kids, speaking at Alt Summit and oh yeah, being a mom of five, how do you balance it all...or at least try to?
RF - Handmade Charlotte has amazing contributors from all over the world that reach an American audience. We get to work from home and live near a lot of family. I typically travel on behalf of HC and my incredible husband handles the kiddos + farm. That is so awesome right? He really is magical.

Speaking of awesome crafts, I know you have so many to choose from, but which one is your favorite and why?
RF - My very favorite post that I've ever created for Handmade Charlotte is the Inchworm for Mothers Day that was made for NBC's Daily Candy (I miss Daily Candy...). The tiny green greeting card was super easy to make and made my heart thump. I love that little guy!

Readers see beautiful, styled photos but we rarely see what is going on behind the scenes or how things didn't turn out quite the way you planned.
RF - I seriously never get to worked up about something not working out. I'm love my job so much that Jon and I actually kiss and give it hugs all day long. We feel super lucky to be able to provide our readers with awesome experiences they can share with their families.

I am inspired by things around me...a pretty pattern may spark an entire party theme. What kind of things inspire your creativity?
RF - Everything sparks my imagination. I mean everything . I look for it + pray for imagination + want to invent new things everyday.

Do you have favorite blogs and/or websites you like to visit when you have a moment?
RF - Design Mom, Oh Happy Day, Say Yes, Justine Blakely, Moon to Moon, Daughter Earth, Maggie Schuler, Debbie Henley, Christiane Lemeuix, and more!

I love to ask everyone I interview: if you are stranded on a desert island and can take one item and one meal, what would they be?
RF - The item would be my husband ...could it be him? He would figure out how to get out this mess + he likes to camp! The food would have to be Beat Soup that my mother makes. A Lithuanian staple that warms my soul.

I have to agree, my hubby would be the same...thanks Rachel for joining us today!

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Tune in next time for a crafter who is a paper Picasso...

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