$25 Fall Tablescape Challenge

When Keisha of Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams put out the call to participate in a $25 Fall Tablescape Challenge, I was more than game.

The rules were simple; design a fall themed tablescape for $25 or less AND incorporate these items into your design:
1.  apples
2.  a wooden sign
3.  red wagon 
4.  a pumpkin 
5.  wheat stalks

After the success of my recent Wine & Cheese Party, it got me to thinking that it is the perfect set up for guests to enjoy before Thanksgiving dinner.  I kept my Thanksgiving table neutral so my wagon centerpiece and accents could really shine.  With the focus on natural elements and various textures, the table remains chic, but not too fussy and formal.  

Instead of placing a centerpiece in the middle of the table, I set up a grouping of items at the end of the table. Plus my cheese was in the way...necessity is the mother of invention.

How to create a fall tablescape for less that $25

  • Burlap makes a perfect fall tablecover and for a couple of yards, inexpensive at craft stores. 
  • Look around your house for pieces you can showcase.  My glass pumpkins are one of my favorite decor items; I've had them for years and they can be used on a dressed up or dressed down table.
  • Repurpose drinking glasses into vases for holding flowers, filler, or in this case, breadsticks.
  • Don't have fancy place cards?  A dry-erase marker is a great way to label items on white or clear servingware.  It easily wipes off!
  • My little red wagon was a garage sale score years ago; look around your house for a small basket that can serve the same purpose.  If your basket isn't food-safe, just layer a cloth napkin inside before use.
  • Head to specialty shops like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for small wedges of cheese.  With a few varieties of cheese, you can afford it and still come off classy.  My wedge of blue cheese was less than $3 and goes a long way. 
  • Don't be afraid to use your fine china, cloth napkins and good silverware. I am lucky that I inherited many of my pieces but if you don't have your own stash yet, don't be afraid to borrow from your friends who do.  
  • Head to your local farms and patches for pumpkins and stalks that can be used on your table, then moved elsewhere for holiday decorating.  Natural elements are always a plus on any holiday table.  If not, fake it 'till you make it with dried and faux items from the craft store.

Tablescape cost:

The only things I had to purchase were the wheat stalks and some of the food, which came to a grand total of $12.76...

breadsticks and blue cheese from Trader Joe's : $4.40
apples: $2.12
apple cider: $2.99
wheat stalks from Michaels: $3.25 (40% off regular price)

The cheddar cheese, brie, garlic spread, grapes and pretzel chips were extras left over from my Wine & Cheese Party, so I didn't factor them into my cost.

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