Real Party - Mad Scientist's Lab: Elephant's Toothpaste and Building Molecules

Mad Scientist's Lab: Elephant's Toothpaste

Last week, we hosted a Mad Scientist's Lab Party and with the crazy number of photos, I figured it would be better to share over several posts. Today I'm sharing one of the ways I kept 10 3rd-5th graders busy...which ain't easy...but it can be done.

Yesterday,  I shared how we made slime.  Today I'm sharing the really cool demo I did thanks to Steve Spangler Science, the kid version of Elephant's Toothpaste.   I won't bore you with the details, but it is very easy to do so head over to find out how to make it.  Instead, I'll entertain you with our pictures...

Mad Scientist's Lab: Elephant's Toothpaste ingredients

The kids were excited to gently touch the bottle and foam, and discovered it was quite warm! They were expecting it to be cold.  Next time, I want to set up the bigger demonstration where it shoots out everywhere!

Mad Scientist's Lab: Building Molecules

Our final activity, I broke them up into two teams and challenged them to build a molecule tower from mini marshmallows and toothpicks.  The tallest tower would win but my only caveat was it had to be leaning over or helping it stand.

Mad Scientist's Lab: Building Molecule towers

I thought this would be done, 2 minutes for planning and  lickety split in the 5 minutes I gave them for building, figuring they would work together, each building a cube and putting it all together.  It took way longer and let's just say there was no working together.  Who knew kids were such micro-managers?  But keeping them busy was the name of the game, and it did!

Tune in for tomorrow's Fiesta Friday and the rest of our very awesome Mad Scientist's Lab Halloween Party!

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