Real Party - Mad Scientist's Lab: Making Slime

How to make slime for a Mad Scientist/Halloween party activity

Last week, we hosted a Mad Scientist's Lab Party and with the crazy number of photos, I figured it would be better to share over several posts.  Today I'm sharing one of the ways I kept 10 3rd-5th graders busy...which ain't easy...but it can be done.

Mad Scientist's Lab slime ingredients

Making Slime

Making slime NEVER gets old.  You can't have a science party without making some.  You don't need a fancy overpriced kit either.  This gets messy so be sure and cover your workspace with plastic.
You'll need:

Borax (a laundry booster found in the...wait for it...laundry aisle of your favorite grocery store)
white glue
concentrated liquid watercolor (found at craft stores) or food coloring
tongue depressors or popsicle sticks
plastic bowls or containers

1.  Dissolve a teaspoon of borax in a cup of water.  All the borax won't dissolve in the water, so you will have some flakes left.

Mad Scientist's Lab slime water

2.  You will need to mix a one to one ratio of glue and water together in your plastic bowl or container.  I had the kids measure and pour 50 ml of water and 50 ml of glue and mix well with tongue depressors.

Mad Scientist's Lab slime glue

3.  Add a few drops of coloring.  Be warned...the kids were having so much fun choosing colors and mixing, adding more colors, more mixing, I had to finally cut it off, we would still be adding colors.

4.  Once your solution is well mixed, the glue scraped off the sides, it's the color they want, now the fun begins.  Give your borax solution one more good stir and start pouring a small amount into the glue solution while they stir.  It will instantly start congealing into basically a snotty consistency.

Mad Scientist's Lab purple slime

5. Have them keep stirring, it will start lumping and sticking to the stick.  That is a good sign.  You can keep adding a little more of the borax solution until you have a decent clump of slime.  There will be a little of the glue solution left behind.

6.  Now...hang on squeamish...we aren't done yet.  They will need to reach in, grab the slime and start kneading it so the excess liquid comes out and work it like putty until it's a nice, smooth consistency.

I explained to them the simple science behind it.  When you play with it, the slime wants to act like a solid but at rest, it acts like a liquid. How come? The glue has an ingredient which is a liquid polymer; polymers act just like the kinds of molecules they're made up of. The borax makes the molecules link to each other, and creates one one large, flexible polymer.

Be sure and wash your hands before and after playing with slime and store in the fridge so it won't grow mold.  And oh yeah, this is NOT edible.

Super fun and so easy and perfect for any Halloween party!  I don't know how many pretended to sneeze 'snot' out.

Tune in tomorrow for another fun experiment and a great party game.

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