A Hero's Welcome Honors U.S. Military on Veterans Day

A Hero's Welcome - airing Veteran's Day

I'm thrilled to share that this Veterans Day will be a celebration like none other as all-stars from Food Network and HGTV, honor Staff Sergeant Tony Woods in a brand-new upcoming special, A Hero's Welcome.

A Hero's Welcome - airing Veteran's Day

A Hero's Welcome, combines tears of joy with life transformation and incredible acts of kindness, and aims to honor one of our nation's most deserving heroes in the biggest, most emotional, and most memorable way imaginable.

A Hero's Welcome - airing Veteran's Day

After serving his country for over 25 years and recovering from life-threatening injuries, Staff Sergeant Woods is preparing to retire from the military. He will return home to discover, with the help of Food Network's Robert Irvine, HGTV's Genevieve Gorder and award-winning actor, humanitarian Gary Sinise, founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation, a completely renovated house for Tony and his family to retire comfortably. audiences will witness all of the surprises and emotions as the team races around the clock to make sure they are ready to say "Welcome Home!"

A Hero’s Welcome will air across all six Scripps Networks tomorrow.  For details on when you can catch it on your favorite channel, check out the list below.

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