Tuesday Tutorial - Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds

Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds

This month's Whisker Graphics Design Team submission was supposed to be paper lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.  But as with many of my projects, that turned into a fail, which then leads to inspiration which leads to more fails and finally awesomeness.  I remembered how much I loved A Subtle Revelry's diamond party garland and thought to myself 'Self, that looks easy; I can do that with my Bitty Bags'.

Since I've already made origami trees and hearts, why not diamonds?

Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds

Her post even leads to a how-to video.  How hard can it be? They made it look so easy. And it was, once I got the hang of it.  The folding was fairly straight forward, it was the joining that took a bit to figure out.  You will know instantly if you did it wrong because it falls apart. Instantly.

But by all that is holy, after pausing the video 16,000 times I figured it out.  Then again, it was late at night.  I blame that.

Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds close up

But they are so cool and perfect for every occasion,  that they are totally worth the cursing at 2 a.m.

assorted Middy and Bigger Bitty Bags 
coordinating Divine Twine
bone folder
small hole puncher

Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds.

I feel you may see these again real soon in other paper for St. Patrick's Day...don't want my new-found skills to go to waste.

Decorate your party space with Origami Bitty Bag Diamonds

How perfect would these be in gold, red and white Bitty Bags strung up as a garland or hanging over your party table at your viewing party for the Academy Awards this weekend?  If you do that, please send me a few photos!

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